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You are a new Mum!! the job of helping your body recover from nine months of pregnancy begins! However, this requires patience and time and it is so important to be realistic in your expectations. It took nine months to develop and nurture the new life inside of you, your body has been on an incredible journey undergoing changes and it takes time and a carefully planned journey to help your body to get back to normal.

There seems to be a lot of pressure on new mums…as if it isn’t tough enough looking after a new baby we are expected to spring back into shape and to get our jeans back on as soon as possible!


  • I can help you to regain strength, rehabilitate your body following pregnancy, educate you on appropriate exercise and guide you back to previous activities
  • I can  help you to stretch out the typically tight muscles you may experience doing the job of Mummy
  • I will teach you a range of progressive exercises considering your level of fitness and any issues you may be dealing with
  • You get the chance to have some ‘me time’, something that is so important to Mums looking after children!
  • I can help you to understand pelvic floor health and ensure that these muscles are functioning well
  • I support you fully on your journey as a postnatal Mum, help you build confidence in your new body and am here to listen and to answer any questions you may have.

Something that I am extremely passionate about is encouraging postnatal Mums to begin exercising when they feel ready and in the safest possible way. This is not a time to begin intense exercise such as running, abdominal workouts or weight training, there is plenty of time to get back to that a bit later!

This is a time to enjoy your new baby and allow your body to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Motherhood naturally places physical demands upon your body and exercising the correct way will help you deal with these demands. This a time of being kind to yourself and to recognise the miraculous thing your body has done and to feel proud of yourself and your new body, the body of a Mum!

The most important exercises in your early postnatal time are exercises to help you regain stability in your pelvis and to help strengthen the muscles deep in the core working from inside to out.


  • Starting at the beginning with sessions on determining where you are in terms of the recovery of your abdominals, assessing how you are feeling and how to make a start on your exercise journey
  • Advice and information on appropriate exercises in the postnatal time
  • A range of PILATES and FITNESS inspired exercise sessions designed especially for the Postnatal Mum so that they are safe, effective and appropriate
  • Stretching, releasing and relaxation sessions
  • The importance of Pelvic floor health
  • Healthy eating and nutritional advice
  • Advice on progressing your exercise regime
  • General advice relating to the Postnatal Mum

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It can be tempting to do too much too soon but some activities aren’t suitable for the postnatal time. It would be so disappointing to cause any issues or injuries by choosing the wrong type of exercises. I will guide you through the exercises that are safe, will benefit you the most and soon have you feeling in great shape!

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